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Our delicious story

The Divus restaurant has managed to stand out with its strong oenological and culinary identity. We strongly believe that openness to everything that contemporary cuisine offers and the exigency in the preparation of dishes, are the indispensable qualities which allow us to exceed expectations qualitatively, with commitment.

Our chefs are the ones who create, experiment, test, adapt and offer, at the end, respectable dishes that are worth enjoying.

Our Featured Delicacies

Dinner: Baked miso eggplant

Lunch: Roasted peppers, coriander pesto and feta

Chef's Choice: Sirloin steak

Appetizer: Grilled avocado with pico de gallo salsa

Loved by Many

It's a wonderful place! The staff is especially kind to the lady at the reception, she always meets me with an attractive smile that lifts my mood, she is very attentive to details. The dishes are especially tasty while enjoying a glass of Feteasca Regala wine from Domeni Vorniceni. Well done, I always come back with great pleasure !!!
Irina Noroc
I was with my friends in this restaurant last night, I was very impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the manner of service. The very benevolent hostess led us to the table, the pleasant service, the tasty food. Thank you. We must return.
Sergiu Zatic
Phenomenal experience. Top food, atmosphere and waiting staff. I've been here several times and it's always been an amazing experience. Also the wine selection is bold but suitable for the place. Definitely a customer for life
Tatiana Bivol

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